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El Bungalow

Set just inside the beach of Ciutat Jardin, El Bungalow offers a wide variety on the local fresh fish and as well a great paellas.

A beautiful terrace on the beach, this is a wonderful place to take your time and chill out. Be warned, the restaurant is always busy and the service can be slow – try to go when you have time to relax and enjoy and book your table in advance if you want to ensure one.

Also, their terrace has two sides, the one on the "porsche", just facing to the sea, and another one on the left side which does not have a beatiful view as the other does. Make sure when you book that they let you know if which one of these you have your table, just to avoid any missunderstanding.

Here you can, but this just an example, have a nice Dorada a la Sal (Seabass cooked on its own just in salt ). The wine list is good as is the service and the staff.

Finally, you have to know that this is restaurant is just their terrace. They have an inside area but just in case the weather becomes bad they can re-arrange their guests. and this also means that they are only open when the weahter allows it, so do not try to call them for reservation if during the night is still cold as it will be closed. No need to waste your time then!

El Bungalow
Esculls, 2 Ciudad Jardin
Palma de Mallorca
+34 971 262 738
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