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Wabisuke Restaurant

Japanese & asian food has become quite expensive and most of the restaurants have become somewhat "selected". Those that have not did that are most of the times sushi bars with self service where the quality is quite bad and, in fact, they use not to be managed by real japanese sushi mans.

Sticks holding a maki sushi pieceHowever, we do still have the Wabisuke restaurant. Not fancy or design at all, here you can still have good sushi, sushimi, maki or Sukiyake at a more than reasonable price. To have an idea, last time I payed around 15 Euro for a miso soup, some sushimi and a coffe. Ok, it was a light dinner. But you will usually spend more than less the same when stopping at Mc Donalds.

The atmosphere is simple and there is not many decoration, so you will not be "transported" to Japan, but if you can pass with your sushi it will really make the work.

There are only seven small tables here you better if you book in advance.

Joan Miro 289, Cala Mayor
Palma de Mallorca
+34 971 70 18 73
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