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Smoking laws in Mallorca (Majorca)


From this 1st of January 2006, Spain has new smoking laws to regulate where and where not is smoking allowed.

Since now, smoking was allowed in the most of the public places such as bars, restaurants and hotels. There was no regulation at all on mandatory non-smoking spaces in these public places and in fact, the most of those where completely smoking. Now, with the new regulation, everything is supposed to be changed. But it is?

By law, bars, discotheques and restaurants with more than 100 square metres must have a 70% of the area dedicated to non-smoking people. Smoking areas must be separated and have it's own door. Non smokers are supposed to be free of having a clean atmosphere now.

But funny enough, public spaces with less than 100 square metres can choose whether they want to be smoking or non-smoking places, but not both. And these are the 90% of bars and restaurants in Spain (remember, tapas are usually served at bars!). So now that laws are supposed to be more restrictive, Spanish smoke as they usually did: everywhere.

The only real change is now at jobs: Spanish are not allowed to reserve any dedicated space for smokers and they need to go out if they want to.

Mallorca (Majorca) has by now it's own exception due to local laws: small bars are also allowed to reserve a space for non smoking people, but they do not need to physically separate this space from the smoking one.

Have things changed? Maybe, but most likely you won't notice it.


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