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Majorca Hotels Guide goes mobile


Majorca Hotels Guide ( has gone mobile and it's proud to announce that now you can also check the website from your mobile phone, blackberry, smart-phone or pda.

The PDA version (which is available at , won't open in normal browsers) has been developed taking every detail in to account: small download sizes to make it quick and safe you some moeny and time, and everything simple enough to make it easy to navigate while providing the most of the information in the website for this mobile version.

But this update doesn't come alone.

Other features added in to website include Google Earth files to download for every hotel in the site, as well as TomTom POI files to download to your GPS Navigator and make it easier your trip from the airport to your hotel.

Bigger maps (among the interactive ones) are also now available for print on the main website, feature which has also been specially adapted on the Mobile version.

So now you know: no need to wait to be at home to find Majorca Hotels or to read reviews!


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