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Soller Train - Mallorca (Majorca)

The Soller Train communicates the capital Palma de Mallorca (Majorca) and is used by over a million people every year. The journey takes around an hour and goes across Mallorca plain and the mountains by 13 tunnels to Soller, giving you the chance to fully appreciate the real beauty of Majorca.

Basically made of wood, the *Soller train dates back to 1912 and since then has been connecting this small village with the main capital of the island. Now, is mostly used by tourist visiting Soller, as many locals prefer to take their own cars and go trough the tunnel to save some time (in fact, it takes about a half of it, so they safe a lot).

The train station at Palma de Mallorca can be found just next to the Plaza de España, right in the centre, in the corner of the Eusebio Estada street with the main Avenidas, at one block from the central bus station.

Soller Train History

In the early days of the 20th Century Soller become to grow as a commercial village, mainly for its production of oranges and up growing industry. As a consequence, the locals needed a way to go in to the city avoiding the Coll de Soller way, a small, difficult and long way that goes up and down the mountains which was the only connection to the city and where transportation was done with help of animal vehicles such as horses or mules. This road was plenty of inns where locals can stopped to eat (now reconverted into restaurants serving quality mallorcan food, worth a visit if you drive by your own and these ugly roads doesn't scary you).

View of the Soller Train, from and published under the GNU License. Click to open a bigger picture in a new windowJerónimo Estades, a local politician and business man, listened to the locals claim of the need for a train and put the first seed by ordering a case study for a train railway going trough the villages of Valldemossa and Deia. Unfortunately, it was finally rejected due to the big amount of money involved on the project.

In 1903 Juan Morell proposed a new project, a train going trough the mountains and under the Coll de Soller way, initially discarded but finally retaken a year later by the Jeronimo Estades and approved by popular claim.

The works finally began in 1907 for both sides, Palma and Soller, being the tunnel trough the Sierra de Alfabia (Alfabia’s mountains) the biggest problem to solve: a 2856 metres tunnel which supposed a big amount of efforts involved and take around 4 years to be finished.

It wasn’t until April the 16th in 1912 when the Soller railway was finally inaugurated by the locomotives number 1 and number 2, respectively called Soller and Palma.

More locomotives were added after that, being now and from them numbers the above mentioned but also number 3 “Buñola” and number 4 “Son Sardina”.

The locomotives

One of the main attractive of the Soller Train is that they still the same machines they did when inaugurated nearly a hundred years ago.

Manufactured in England by the "The Falcon Engine & Car Works Ltd., Loughborough", the train is mainly made of wood and looks somewhat similar to those you see on the western films and, from July the 14th 1929 it works by electricity.

The Journey

The train starts in Palma at the Plaza de España train station and stops for a few minutes in many villages so travellers can hop off or on. These stops are 10 and as follows:

  • Palma de Mallorca (Majorca)
  • Son Sardina
  • Son Reus
  • Santa Maria
  • Caubet
  • Bunyola
  • Mirador Pujol d’en Banya ()*
  • Viaducto “Cinc-Ponts”
  • Can Tambor Stop
  • Soller: Castanyer, 7 +34 971

()*Once every day, there is one of the journeys called the Panoramic, being the main and only difference that this one stops around 15 minutes at the Mirador Pujol d'en Banya, so people can take photos from there.

The Soller – Port Of SollerTram

One in Soller, those willing to go into the Port will find a small Tram which will take them in to the marina.

This small tram, also working by electricity, was inaugurated in 1913 and goes from the Soller centre and along the sea until the end of the Port (Puerto) of Soller.

Soller Train and Tram Timetables

The train has different timetables depending on whether is summer on winter, basically because as you can imagine during the hot season there is loads more of people willing to take the train.. But basically, those following are the ones.

Soller Train Timetable


07:00 h.

09:10 h.

11:55 h.

14:10 h.

18:00 h.


08:00 h.

10:50 h.()*

13:05 h.

15:15 h.

19:00 h.


08:30 h.

11:20 h.

13:35 h.

15:45 h.

19:30 h.


07:30 h.

09:40 h.

12:25 h.

14:40 h.

18:30 h.

()*Panoramic Train.

Tram Timetable
Basicaly the Soller tram runs every 30 minutes from the main village in to the Port, but bank holidays, during the winter and in weekends it does only once every hour.

Soller Train and Tram Fares

A one way ticket to Soller cost 6.50 Euro, and 11 Euro if both ways. If you are a big group of friends or people, better to call them (please find contact details at the end) as you can get some discounts). Tickets can be only bought at the stations and from 30 minutes before the train leaves.

The cost for the Tram is 2 Euro per way.

Train Offices

Central office and Soller station
Plaça d'Espanya, 6.
07100 Sóller
Phones: 902-364711 y 971-630301
Fax: 971-631222
Working hours: Monday to Friday, 7 am to 14 pm.

Palma de Mallorca Station
Eusebio Estada, 1.
07004 Palma de Mallorca
Phones: 902-364711; 971-752051 y 971-752028

For both, you can send any queries at

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