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Mallorca car hire - Do you know the cost of hiring a child seat?

Mallorca has been a holiday hotspot since the advent of mass tourism in the 1950's, and this trend remains as it's still a popular destination with families looking for sun, sea and sand. Going on holiday as a family is already hard enough on the wallet though without having to worry about some car hire companies charging almost 500 percent more for a child seats than other providers, but this is going on right now in Palma Mallorca.

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Taxi Transfers in Mallorca

Moving around in Mallorca is, unfortunately, not easy as it should, at least by bus or train. However, this an small island fully of affordable and professional taxis. If you are likely to hire a car and try your skills driving by the wrong side, then keep reading, you can not miss our recommendations.

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Mallorca (Majorca) Airport Transfers Information

Information, rates, tips and advise on booking Majorca airport transfers at the Palma de Mallorca (Majorca) airport. Find out how to know if you should book an airport transfer or not.

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Soller Train - Mallorca (Majorca)

Step back in time. The Soller Train, dating back to 1912 and basically made of wood, is a must journey for Mallorca visitors. Train history, maps, stations, information and fares.

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Mallorca (Majorca) Taxis Fares

An explanation on Mallorca (Majorca) official taxis fares. What do they charge, how much do they charge, suplements that cost you money and tips to know if you're paying more than you should.

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Mallorca Inland Transportation: Taxis Fares

A list of the approximate taxi fares from Palma de Mallorca Airport to the most usual destinations in the island.

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Palma City Sightseeing Tour Bus

Palma City sightseeing is the easiest way to see Palma in a day. As in many of the tourist cities in Europe, this bus does a route around the city stopping in the most important places.

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Public Transport: Mallorca Buses

Information on Mallorca public transport. How to move around Palma de Mallorca and Mallorca by bus. Trajects and fees.

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Renting a limousine, Porsche or Ferrari in Mallorca

While there are many rent a car services all around the island, finding a special car, as a Ferrari or a limousine, could be more than difficult as not many companies offers these kind of cars.

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Flights to Mallorca

A quick list of links of companies that fly to Palma. Sorry USA residents, but for now no company fling from there is listed. Should you now a good one, better if with fair rates, please do not hesitate to...

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Car Hire in Mallorca

Some tips and advise for those who want to hire a car ofr their stay at Mallorca, as well as some good recommendations on where to do it.

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