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Soller and Port of Soller - Mallorca (Majorca)

Soller is a municipality of Mallorca (Majorca) located in the northeast of the island, down the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains, once famous by its orange trees, now a paradise of calm and one the perfect place for visitors to appreciate the other Mallorca, the real one.

The municipality comprises 5 villages: Soller, Port of Soller, La Huerta de Soller, Biniaraix and S’Alquería des Comte.

Soller is communicated with the Capital, Palma de Mallorca (Majorca) by the Soller train, and old train which goes along Majorca’s plain and trough the mountains. You can also arrive to Soller by the Coll de Soller, a sneaky and difficult way that crosses up and down the mountains till it ends at the village. However, from some years ago there is a paid tunnel (4 euro per way) which safes you to take the Coll de Soller by going down trough the mountains.

If coming from the airport, you are most probably like carrying lots of bags, so on that case better pick up a taxi at arrival if you can not get you hotel or operator to arrange you a transfer (info: Mallorca airport transfers taxi fares)

Right now, Soller is mainly based on tourism and services, but it has been really famous for its oranges (delicious! you must try it) and its olives. Actually the municipality comprises 42'45 Km² and has around 14000 inhabitants.

Soller History

Remains have been found in Soller dating back to the Talaiotic Era, from around 5200 b.c. The most famous remains where found at the Roca Roja and are 2 statues made of bronze which represent an old war divinity from the prehistory. Those can be found now at the Museo de Mallorca.

On the 11th of May in 1561 the village was attacked by corsairs, but the locals, alerted by the people at Ibiza, decided to defense the city and fight against them. After a small massacre, the Sollerics (as are named those living here) won the corsairs. Now, this is remembered with a popular representation along the village every May’s 2nd Sunday.

From then and in order to protect themselves from these kinds of attacks, defensive constructions such as the Torre Picada or the Castillo del Puerto were built.

Soller and Port (Puerto) of Sóller

Soller and the Port of Soller are supposed to be different places, but in fact everyone treats both as one.

View of the faro de Soller in Mallorca, from wikipedia and published under the GNUConnected by an electric tram that goes every 30 minutes from Soller to the Port (and both ways), the main village is more representative of what a mallorcan village is, while the Port of Soller is more tourist focused.

The valley of Sóller enjoys a gentle climate, typically Mediterranean, with a damp yet balmy winter, a warm, dry summer and very pleasant springs and autumn. The average temperature throughout the year is 17ºC With a maximum of 35ºC in summer and a minimum of 7ºC in winter.
Sóller is a nature love’s dream come true and the perfect setting for rambling, hiking and climbing with plenty of choices for all ages and skills.

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