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Pollensa and Puerto Pollensa

Pollensa is situated in north area of Mallorca (Majorca), about 45 min. driving from Palma and the airport. The city is located in the area enclosed by the Puig de Maria and the Calvari hill. Right now the city is home for about 9.000 inhabitants.

The city was founded in 1229 with the Catalan conquest of Majorca, but its name comes from the Roman Era, Pollentia, which was the name for what we know now as Alcudia and where you will find in fact the remains from the roman city.

During the earlier years of the 20th Century it was the prefered destination for painters such as Miquel Costa i Llobera, Ramon Picó i Campamar or Santiago Russinyol but now, while it still keeps its original bohemian atmosphere, is more a tourist resort to those who want to be both in the real Mallorca and the sunny one. However, although the tourism has long time ago arrived here, this can be considered one of the still unspoilt towns in the island. The "Sierra de Tramuntana" surronds this city and this, combinatedd to old its old sailor tradition and the blue waters, make Pollensa a perfect spot for laid-back in a friendly atmosphere.

The old part of the city is made up of small and narrow streets, old stone houses and villas as well as religious places as the Parish Church. This part of Pollensa dates back to 18th Century and really worth an exploration by walk taking care enough to appreciate the different wonders of the buildings, each one with its own character.

Cultural sights in Polensa

The most representative historical building in the city are the Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de los Angeles, a barroque temple from the XIV, the Cloister of Sant Domingo and the Roman bridge you'll see on your left when entering te town from Lluc. Nearby there is a square where the fountain, dated 1827, is adorned with the image of a cockerel which the symbol of the town.

Most popular festivities

Christians and moorish batle

Pollensa, has every spanish town, has its own festivities which are celebrated during all year round.

The most popular one is celebrated the 2ndof August of every year and is called the Fiesta de los Moros y Cristianos, which features a Moorish and Christians battle. During this festivity all the inhabitants of the town takes the streets and, somewhat like in carnival, the most of them feature themselfves either as mooris or as christians to do a mock of the attack the the infidel pirates (so then called moorish) did during the s.XV to the town. The white dressed ones represents the christian while the others, in many diferent colours, are the infidel moorish, carrying all of them hand made weapons.

At the voice of "Mare de Déu dels Àngels, assistiu-nos¡ pollencins, alçau-vos¡, els pirates són aquí" ("Mother of good and the angels, help us pollensins, get up, pirates are here") the celebration begins and the moorish and christians fight all the way until the football stadium when, as the tradition says, the moorish where cornered and defeated. Finally, the victory is offered to the Verge "Mare de Déu dels Angels" in the curch.

This is one of the major festivities in town and many people from the next villages come here to celebrate it, so you will find plenty of fun. Now, be advised, everybody is drunk during these days and if you look closer to the locals actors you'll see what I mean. Anyway, alcohol is a must in every spanish celebration.

The ascent of the pinetree

On January 16th, for the Eve of San Antonio (Saint Anthony) and the following day, a huge pine tree is dragged by the local youths through the small streets of the town and erected in front of the church. Funny enough, Pollensa streets are that smal that the most of the times you can ever imagine they wil be able to acomplish it. Then, after a few hours way, youths compete to climb the pine tree.

Celebrations of the "Mare de Déu de la Mar" (God's mother of the sea)

These celebration take time during these the first weekend of July and for the whole 3 days and is dedicated to the above virgin. The location is at the Cala Sant Vicens. Popular dances, fireworks, bigheads show and and a servcie dedicated to the virgin.

Puerto Pollensa

View of the Puerto Pollensa and its beach surrounded by the cliff mountainsPuerto Pollensa is the tourist part and where the beach resides. Notably smaller than the town, the beach is perfect place for lay and relax as well as for the children. Pently of restaurants and bars, there you will be able to have a typical mallorcan meal or just a quick sandwich.

The most of hotels is the front side of the sea where built during the 60's with tourist "revolution" of Mallorca and still retain an old fashioned air, and so do the restaurants.

However, if you do not like hotels, there are also a lot of villas for rent in Pollensa and in Puerto Pollensa.

The beach, surrounded by the green of the mountains and its cliffs, longs until it finds Alcudia and at the end this you will a perfect place for water sport lovers and so. Many people practices here windsurfing, kite and wake board and other water sports such as jet sky. There are also along the Port some water sports centres so if you want to have some quick lessons it will not be dificult to find a time spot for you.

For those wondering, Puerto Pollensa's beach ongs for 3.900 metres and is around 40 wide, with white thin sand. However, and because of its location on the north of the island, sometimes it is a bit windy and there are some moderate waves.

During the night there is not really so much to do, but Alcudia and Puerto of Alcudia are not far away and there so will find enough places to enjoy if by any chance you decide to break out for while from Pollensa's paradise.

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