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Magaluf (Magalluf)

Magaluf is Mallorca's capital party for british. If you are not looking for sun & party then hit the back button on your browser. However, if you are looking for a lively and sunny holidays continue here.

If you are looking for good cheap hotels in Magaluf use the following link. You will go to, a UK company which offers really cheap rates: Cheap Hotels in Magaluf. You can check the Majorca Hotels Guide to find Magaluf hotels reviews. For more information on Magaluf continue reading.

Magaluf is the prefered destination for British looking for fun. It is, in fact, a British village in to Mallorca. More than hundreds of bars & discos and a wide choice of cheap accommodations and restaurants make this part of Majorca the favourite for many young people and, in fact, a large number of them come every year to discover Magaluf's life.

Its real name is not really Magaluf, but Magalluf (note the doble l). However, many people knows it by the first.

Magaluf is a little bit of crazy, fun, drink, nightlife, party, sun, beach, water sports... or better if we say it's just a mix of all together but on steroids. Impossible to be there and be bored.

June, July and August is the best time to visit Magaluf, but not just for the weather. This is also the time when it is more fun and lively. Avoid going there out season (November to May) or expect to be you and your mate alone.

During the day you will find many activities around there like paracending doughnuting, jet skiing, karting races, scuba diving or beaching (just lay there and watch the girls/boys around).

Also, in the same area, you will find Aqualand, a water park suitable both for adults and children. If you do go, take care and get some sun cream with you or you will be what locally is know as a "gamba" (prawn, you simply will become red). It is open from May to August and the cost is just about 18 Euro (approx. 12 pounds) for the whole journey.

Link to Magaluf SceneI highly reccommed you to look for accommodation before come by checking with your usual travel agency. For booking services I highly recommend They offer many nice hotels in the area at competitive rates. There are many cheap hotels and small apartments to rent in Magaluf. And fares are more reasonable that you can expect. In fact, it is notably cheaper than anything you could find in London. If you are somewhat boisterous try to slown down yourself a little bit. Both hotels and apartments will advise you and bill acordingly to any damage caused to the installations. This can also give you an idea of what Magaluf is about and what will you find.

At night:

BCM PLANET DANCE: The ultimate in nightlife entertainment, BCM is proud to be one of largest Disco in Europe. BCM has an impressive 10,000 watts of sound and 400,000 watts of lighting systems. Many international DJ's come every year and flight companies do also some packages for these wanting a short and lively break but who can not have a real holidays.

Bananas Disco: A Magaluf visitors must. Banana disco opened more than 20 years ago and is one the most visited discos in the area. During the summer they do diferent parties everyday of the week as The Foam Party, Miss Wet T-Shirt * or the *Hed Kandi with Dj's coming from the UK. You can find Bananas Disco in the area known as Punta Ballena.

Anyway, no matter what you do: is nearly impossible to not find a nice and lively bar in Magaluf during summer.

And finally, some tips to keep in mind.

For your safety:

Before coming to Magaluf...
  • Be sure to have your passport. You must carry a valid passport in order to enter in to Spain.
  • Try to book your flights in advance and you will safe a lot a money. You will need it.
  • If you do come by a travel agency, make them let very clear all the details: where will you be accommodated, what is included and what not on the package, what's the cancellation policy, if there is any insurance you have...
  • Clothes: no need for jackets or similars.
  • Lugagge: if it is a short break and you can manage to put all you need in a bag better. Carry it as hand lugagge in the plane. Sometimes it could take more than 2 days to recover your lost lugagge.
When in Magaluf
  • Be aware of pickpoxkets, they are all around. Leave your passport and the hotel and do not carry with all your money.
  • Remember: in discoteques drink beer. I repeat: drink beer. There is no good advise as this one. Drink beer. The morning after, look at your friends and come here to say "thanks for the tip".
  • You can buy your own drinks at any supermarket. It will be really cheaper. But be ware of police: if you are noisy or if you leave a lot of trash you can easily get a fine.
  • If you end up the night at the beach, be careful with your properties. It is really easy to lost them of to have them stolen
  • No matter what they tell you: if while walking along magaluf someone offers you some kind of "fun" better run away
  • Buy as many sun cream as you can. Anyway, it won't be enough
  • Have fun!

Looking for a job in Magaluf

First of all be advised that working in Majorca are not paid holidays. You will work hard and a lot of hours. It can be fun and you'll know a lot of people, but be ready to work hard. Finding a job is alos not easy, but if after reading the above lines you still want to come to work, Balearic Jobs is a good start point.

Fore more information on Magaluf you can visit Magaluf Uncovered, a complete guide to Magaluf.

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