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Water Sports in Mallorca

Mallorca is lucky to be in the Mediterranean Sea. Clean and calm waters and a nice average temperature make the coast of the island the perfect spot to practice water sports & the like.

Jet Skiing

One of the most requested ones during the warms seasons is Jet Skiing. Many young people do not matter to spend a good amount of money to pull up their adrenaline for minutes by riding one of this sea horses.

There are many Jet Sky rental services in the island such as Jets Marivent (Camino de Jesus 24, 07011 Palma de Mallorca - Tel. +34971 29 18 17). However, from a few years ago a valid license is required from the authorities to freely ride the coast in a Jet Sky, and in case you are the lucky owner of one, note that use to be expensive. A valid license is the one that allows you to sail with a small boat and, in Spain, we call it Titulín.

Those not holding a valid licence can still enjoy Jet Skiing, but on this case they will not be allowed to leave a determinates area. Services like this can be found at El Arenal, in the marina at the end (or call +34 678 65 20 80, but not sure if they speak English) or as well as the Santa Ponsa beach.

Rates are around 60 Euro for 1/2 hour for 1 pax or 80 Euro if the Jet sky is used by 2 people.

Water Skiing

Water Skiing is another way to have fun and get some adrenaline. It is easier than it could seem and nearly everybody can enjoy it. A good suggestion is to wear some clothes or better, if you have it, a thin wetsuit. Falling down and hitting the water at some velocities can make you feel really bad, believe it.

If you are at or near any tourist resort it will not be difficult to find this at the nearest beach, but if not ask at the reception desk as sure they know where.

Tip: the reception can be your best friend when on holidays. They know the "do & do not" and can point you at best.

Wake Board

Kite SurfingSo feeling to try this? Wake board has become more & more famous these last yeas and now many people practises it. For these out of the mood, it basically consists in the same as Water Skiing but just with one board. It also uses to be more spectacular and it is oriented to acrobatics.

There are mainly 2 good places where you can get some lessons: next to Palma, in Cala Mayor, at the Cala Nova School (+34 666 448 922, booking in advance is a must) and in the north coast in the Pollensa Bay. This last place is also one of the best for other water sports, such as windsurfing or flying surf (also know as kite). Also the Es Trenc beach is known by mallorca flying surfers.

Just for Fun

Ok. You are not like to get tired and sports are not in your dictionary when on vacations. Fair enough.

In many beaches such as El Arenal, Magaluf and * Santa Ponsa * you can find doughnuts or parachutes which drived by boats will make you have enough fun for the rest of the day. The parachuting is safer than it seems and I will say that it is in fact safe for children above 12 years.

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