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Majorca Pearls

Majorca pearls are imitation pearls manufactured on the island of Majorca. Local Mallorca women have specialized in the artistic fabrication of faux pearls since the 19th Century and are worldwide recognized for its quality and perfection: Majorca pearls have such a resemblance to the natural pearls that only experts can tell them apart.

In Manacor, Perlas Majorica has its main factory where locals have been working for years on the manufacturing of Majorca pearls. With an open area to the public which visited by thousands of tourist the year, Majorica is the most recognized brand of Majorca pearls all around the world.

Details of a pearl from Orquidea pearlsThese kind of pearls are far less expensive but lustrous as the natural ones. If you are shopping for Mallorcan pearls, a visit to the main factories in the island and its shops its a good idea so you can safe some money and by the way be sure of the quality of the product you are buying.

Another reputable brand in the island but less known is Perlas Orquidea , situated in the road to Montuiri. They do also offer guided tours where you can learn about the manufacturing process of Majorca Pearls.

Details of a Majorica pearl jewelIf you are just curious about it but do not want to buy any of the multiple jewelry available, try to keep this is mind because as you can imagine, all these guided tours will finish with an invitation to visit the local factory pearl shop. However, Majorca pearls are enough affordable to everyone, so maybe if they really interest you it will be worth to have a quick look.

For organized trips, you can ask at the reception desk in your hotel and they will be most probably able to find one for you. If not, following are some directions:

Majorica Pearls Factory
Argenters s/n
07500 Manacor
telf:+34 971 55 02 00

Shop( where people can go to visit or to buy some products)
Carretera Palma -Arta km 47
07500 Manacor
telf: +34 971 55 09 00


Orquidea Pearls Factory
Ctra. de Montuiri Km 30, MONTUIRI
Tel +34 971 644 144
Fax +34 971 644 033

Finally, if you were just looking to buy Mallorca pearls online and do not have in mind to visit Mallorca by now, Maria Valco - Majorca Pearls has an online shop store offering Majorca pearls necklaces, earrings and bracelets, as well as cleaning and care instructions.

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