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Palma Cathedral

Palma's Cathedral is a great example of the latest catalan gothic. Its privilegiated situation, just above the city walls and in front of the sea, remarks its Mediterranean character.

View of Palma de Mallorca CathedralWell known by Gaudi's refurbishing in 1904, it is more than 800 years old and has a long history. Begun in the XII century was built on a pre-existing Arab mosque, the definitive project was not settled until 200 years later.

Although the original project came from Jaume Matas and the famous Guillem Sagrera, the south face of the building was directed by Pedro Morey. This part is also known as "El Mirador".

The whole construction has more than 6.000 square meters.

A view from the side of the CathdralThe best way to arrive to the Cathedral is coming from the Palau Reial street (next to the Coulcil's square, plaza de Cort) and walking till you arrive to Plaza de La Almoina.

When Jaime I was on his way to recapture Mallorca, his boats find a terrible storm. He vowed to the Virgin May that, if he survived to the storm's fury will build and dedicate a Cathedral to her. Now the Cathedral is home for Jaume I and Jaume III tombs.

Never finished, the local artist Miquel Barcelo is actually working in some new decoration for its interior design at the chapel of Sant Pere area of the Palma Cathedral. The work by Miquel Barcelo consists of a ceramic mural of about 300 sq. metres representing the miracle of the bread and fish multiplication, but in the local artist style's, which is far more than diferent from the gothic and that has gained more than one criticism.

La Seo, Palma's Gotic Cathedral
Placa de l’Almoaina
Visiting hours:
Mondays: closed
Tuesday to Friday: 10-18
Saturdays: 10-14
Services on Sundays 9.00 - 10.30 - 12.00 - 13.00 - 19.00
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