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Cala Varques

Cala Varques is one of these still unspoilt and virgin beaches in Mallorca (Majorca) that you have heard about but never been to. Perfect if you really want to be away from massified tourism and claim to have been in one of Mallorca's best beaches.

Situated near to Cala Magraner, in the area of the Calas de Mallorca, Cala Varques is about 70 metres long ad 50 metres wide and has white thin sand. It is surrounded by cliffs and the water is really clean and quite deep, so you can perfectly jump from the rocks in to the water if you want.

There no services at all there, in fact there is nothing around, so you will need to carry with your own food and drinks.

View of the Cala Varques beach and the arounds On a side of the beach, in one of the cliffs, there is really nice cave to visit. If you do so, keep in mind to have a lantern with you and to use a diving suit if you go deeper on the exploration, as the water is really cold in there.

As a funny note, sometimes it happens that the cows on a farm around leave their place to, as you, have a nice sunbath in the beach. If that happens to you, do no be surprised but be smart enough to get your valuables and keep em safe and away from them. Usually the cows will inspect your bag and eat your food.

To arrive there, take the road from Porto Colom to Porto Cristo and drive away till you pass the way to Manacor. In few hundreds metres you should find an exit to a small road on your right with indications on to go to Cala Falco. A fence on the right will be the indication to know that you have arrived. Park your car there and continue by walking for a hundred metres and you are there. The approach is difficult, but this is what makes this beach still unspoilt.

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