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Family Holidays in Mallorca - How to spend time with your kids

Undoubtedly one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, some know Mallorca for its reputation for wild parties and package holidays tailored for younger tourists, but many know it's also an excellent destination for kids and family holidays.

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Skualo - Mallorca Diving

Established since 1995, Skualo Mallorca Diving has been offering a wide range activities in Mallorca on its 5 diving centers, located along the north and east coast of the island. Skualo Mallorca features not only diving activities, but also trekking, snorkeling, kayaking and cave trips.

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Mallorca Helicopter Flight Tours

Get a car and drive around Mallorca? Join a boat trip and sail the Mediterranean? Maybe it is time for something different: have you ever thought about a Helicopter fight? Now you can see from Mallorca from a different angle.

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Record Rent a Car - Majorca Car Hire

Renting a car in Mallorca? Good idea! That's the best way to move around if you consider how -unfortunately- Mallorca public transport works. Many car hire companies work in Mallorca, and Record Rent a Car is one of the best options.

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Segway Playa de Palma - El Arenal

Segway Human Transporter is an intelligent way to move yourself by only balancing your body a little forward or backward you are driving easily with fun. If you are in the Playa de Palma or near, the Segway Tour is a funny way to move around the coast and have a look at the area.

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Blue Sky Cruising Mallorca

Blue Sky Cruising is yacht charter company specialised in luxury charter in Mallorca. If you are looking for a skipped charter to sail Mallorca's coast, you are on the right way.

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Hippocampes Diving Centre Illetas - Mallorca

Hippocampes is a new scuba diving centre with its main base in the Illetas Beach, 10 minutes driving from the capital Palma de Mallorca, offering not only diving lessons but also yacht services and equipment rental.

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H&M Store Palma de Mallorca

The H&M swedish clothes companie has a few months ago opened a store in the center of Palma de Mallorca (Majorca), located in Jaime III, near to the Cathedral and right in the centre of Palma's shopping area.

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Nemo Submarine Magaluf

The Nemo Submarime, with its main base in Magaluf, gives you the chance to safely and comfortably explore Majorca’s underwaters world in a real submarine.

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Museum of the Sea in the Port of Sóller

With the sea as nearly the only way of communication, Soller and the Port, the most isolated areas by land of the island in the past , have an old and long history on overseas communication. And the Museum of the Sea in the Puerto of Soller, Mallorca (Majorca), captures this ancient history of Majorca.

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Marineland Dolphin Show Mallorca (Majorca)

Marineland is one (if not the one) of the most famous aquatic shows in Mallorca and a children’s favourite. A Dolphins, sea lions, exotics birds and penguins spectacle running every day in Calvia, not far from Magaluf or Palma Nova

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Yacht Charter in Mallorca

Complete list and comments on the best yacht charter Mallorca (Majorca) companies, divided in to geographic areas. All you need to need to know when looking for a yacht charter in Mallorca (Majorca).

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Christmas in Mallorca - Majorca

Christmas in Mallorca (Majorca) are celebrated in the traditional spanish style, and many events such as Christmas Markets, the Midnight Mass Service on the 24th or the Three Kings night are celebrated in all aournd the island. What is on in Mallorca during Christmas?.

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Zara Palma de Mallorca

Zara shops are well known all around Europe for their affordable fashion clothes and a must visit for shoppers visiting the island: here in Mallorca, prices as most probably lower than in your country.

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Dijous Bo Fair – Inca

The Dijous Bo at Inca (literally translated as Good Thursday) is one of the most famous fairs celebrated in Mallorca during the year and the biggest of the autumn season. A must go for those visiting Mallorca (Majorca) during November.

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