About Best of Mallorca

Best of Mallorca is a website developed to offer online information to foreign people who are coming to Mallorca.

The idea born while working: I do work in a nice and known hotel in Palma de Mallorca and have been doing so in other hotels during the last 10 years. I am as well a computer fanatic who enjoys doing websites and that really thinks that the Internet is a nice place to find information. But Mallorcan information sites are quite bad and most them just published to sale ad space to local busines and did not reflect the Mallorca (not Majorca, forget it, I will explain you later) I know. So, finally, everything mixed up and Best of Mallorca born.

Mallorca has become a popular destination for many people on the last 30 years, but we do have to distinguish from the Majorca (note the spelling) and Mallorca, the real one. While the first one is just a mix of sun, beach and sangria (Spanish drink made of wine, sweet liquors and fruits), the real Mallorca is an island full of surprises, from multicultural cities to picturesque villages.

Please, feel free to navigate all around the site and if you have any suggestion do not hesitate to contact me

What will you find at Best of Mallorca

The best tips and tricks to enjoy your stay, and not just the most expensive ones. Because what really matters is its character.


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